What are the best devices for watching VR Sex Videos

With the recent advent of the newly speculated VR porn era, many people are asking questions such as how to watch VR porn, or where to find free VR sex videos? These are all valid questions we aim to answer here on our website, however today we’d like to take a step back and look at optimization. Like every other pursuit, porn does give a lot of way to efficiency and ESPECIALLY quality of image. This is due to recent technological advances enabling resolutions up to and even past a 4k resolution.

However another factor is price, how far is someone willing to go before they find themselves that they’re spending too much on this? How steep of a price is ‘okay’ for what kind of quality.

This and a myriad of other reasons cause us to make this list of the top devices to watch VR porn on, focusing on the VR headsets in particular

The Google Cardboard

The Google Cardboard is by far the cheapest way to have a taste of the exquisite VR experience, it won’t give you the extra screen or anything similar the more expensive options will. It’s a simplistic, cardboard construction with two lenses that WILL allow you to watch VR porn and free VR sex videos in the comfort of your living room. However it won’t provide much in the way of quality, the images can get a bit blurry and in general the cardboard is not too high quality, however for a device priced at just $15 it’s not half bad, and in case you’re looking to just try out VR porn, this is a great idea. For an alternative approach, badoink VR will send you a free one along with your subscription.

Samsung Gear VR

If you’ve got a Samsung phone this is an excellent option. Unfortunately it’s only compatible with Samsung phones, and the newer ones at that, but to make up for that it offers excellent picture quality, a comfortable head strap, as well as its own screen, which means you won’t be locked into the(most likely low) resolution your phone can produce, and instead can strive for an even more quality image while viewing. It’s not too expensive either, hanging at a comfortable $95 we’d recommend this one to every Samsung phone owner not prepared to shell out a pretty penny.

HTC Vive

Going into the very high-end of VR headsets, we find the HTC vive, one of the most expensive VR headsets on the market today, and for good reason at that. It boasts 70 special sensors, making the ‘head turning’ experience of POV VR porn extremely enticing, as well as a 2160 by 1200 resolution which puts many modern PC’s to shame. It also has a front-facing camera allowing you to see the real world at ease, and the steam supported library also has a plethora of VR supported porn games which can be quite a treat. If you’re prepared to go high-end but the Vive’s $800 price tag seems a bit much, we suggest going for the Oculus Rift instead.