Best VR Headsets

Virtual reality is not that virtual anymore. Many companies and developers are playing their part in bringing the VR game mainstream. Virtual reality might have been the future a decade ago but it is our present right now! Thousands of games and application are already there in the market, and people all over the world are already enjoying VR. One of the main reasons for VR success is the availability of VR compatible headsets that almost everyone can buy. In this article, we decided to review the best VR headsets for 2018.

HTC Vive

This VR headset from HTC is available at around $600. The HTC Vive provides one of the most immersive virtual reality experience. It works only on PC (or Mac) and to have the best experience, the machine should have a high-end graphics card installed. It is compatible with some of the most amazing games available today like Fallout 4, Doom, Rick and Morty and more. Considering the price tag, it is not a gadget for everyone but if you’re a serious gamer or a technology enthusiast – it is definitely worth trying.


Oculus Rift
Owned by the tech giant, Facebook, Oculus is an amazing, one of the best, high-end virtual reality headsets in the market. Available at a cost of $380, Oculus Rift works with PC only. This headset has a 2160 X 1200 OLED panel resolution for out of this world gaming experience. The handheld touch controllers offered by Oculus feels much better than the cumbersome controllers. You can also find some great free games and apps in Oculus’s store. All in all, it’s a great VR headset – one of the best in 2018.


PlayStation VR
PlayStation VR is one of the best high-end VR headsets of 2018 that isn’t that pricey either (of course, you’re supposed to compare it with Google Cardboard). It is available for less than a $300 and works only with PlayStation console. PlayStation VR is for the serious gamers. It can be used with your PS dual shock controllers.
Looks wise, it is also one of the best, especially in our list of best VR headsets for 2018. You can play Batman Arkham VR, Resident Evil: Biohazard, Farpoint, etc with PlayStation VR.


Talking about the experience, options, price, and value for money, these are the best virtual reality headsets of 2018. Now, you wouldn’t buy all of them – which one you choose will depend on your requirement. If you’re a PlayStation guy, PSVR should be your obvious choice and if you like it more on the PC, Oculus or HTC Vive should be your serious consideration.
Good Luck!