How Augmented Reality Will Make Surgery Safer

Augmented reality is actually a reality now. The use of AR has been seen in many sectors and that includes medical science as well. Augmented reality brings precision to surgeries, which means fewer chances of mistakes. Imagine a robot designed and programmed to perform complex surgeries. The idea may sound scary to patients but in reality, it can open a new horizon of opportunities in the medical field.

In this article, we will discuss some of the great things that augmented reality is doing or is capable of in the field of medicine. So, without any further ado, let’s get down to our list.

No Need to Look At The Reports

Through Augmented Reality, surgeons can now pay more attention to where it matters the most. They don’t have to take their eyes off the patient and their attention off from the process to look at the reports. Patients vital and relevant reports can now all be displayed on the screen of the AR headset worn by the surgeon. This may sound too science fiction but it is actually happening. The display of real-time reports and patients stats on the augmented reality headset results in fewer chances of errors and more precise surgeries.



Microsoft HoloLens, which has been developed by Microsoft is being used for this purpose.

AR-Assisted Cardiovascular Surgeries.


University of Western Ontario has tried using augmented reality headsets to improve cardiovascular surgeries. The surgery aimed to replace aortic valves and repair the mitral valves.

Making Surgeries Less Invasive And Painful

Sometimes surgeons need to peer inside the human body just to have a look at the state of the vital organs. The Cambridge Consultants in Boston are using computerized tomography techniques coupled with magnetic imaging scans to create a lifelike three-dimensional image of the patient’s organs. This image is analyzed by the surgeons using HoloLens to see a virtual image of the patient’s organs and make important decisions.


In future, the use of augmented reality in the field of medicine is only going to grow. We are sure this amazing technology is going to make complex surgeries simpler, more precise and of course, less painful for the patients. The application of Augmented Reality in surgeries is already there but it is still the beginning. No one can predict its future but one thing is for sure – we are up for some exciting times ahead.

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