What are the best vr apps for iphone_

Virtual reality technology is progressing faster than we expected. With each passing day, hundreds of new VR apps are added to the app store (both for Android and iOS). To be honest, some are superb while others are just a waste of time, being too buggy and lacking details. So, to make things easier, we have decided to review the best ten virtual reality apps for iPhone of 2018. Here we go…


1. YouTube
There is a dedicated channel on YouTube for 360-degree videos. From movies to music and short animated clips, you can find almost anything on this channel. The YouTube 360 is regularly updated with new virtual reality stuff. Currently, the place has thousands of videos you can enjoy with your VR headset on.





2. Google Cardboard
The Google Cardboard app doesn’t only help you set up the Google Cardboard correctly but it also offers various Virtual Reality apps ranging from music videos to documentaries and historical places to your own virtual garden. In short, it basically gives you a trailer of what Virtual Reality world is capable of.




3. Google Street View
We are sure you must have tried wandering around the streets, feeling like a spy with Google Street View. Now you can do this with richer more real-life experience with your virtual reality headset. The Google Street View gives an option to go virtual as soon as you rotate your phone. That means you can see Taj Mahal or experience Big Ben right from your drawing room.




4. Within
Like Google Street View You can’t explore the whole world with Within. The reason why it stands at number 4 in our list of best VR apps for iPhone is only because of its great attention to detail. The small library of places it has is surely something you would like returning to. The developer also keeps the app well updated, so we are likely to see some good additions in the future. For now, you can enjoy the great landscape of rural Sindh in Pakistan or watch Madagascar.



Reading the newspaper over VR sounds a bit weird. The NYT VR app is not a newspaper in VR but a much more detailed VR experience. It is more about storytelling. Imagine experiencing the life of a reporter, reporting live from a war scene in Iraq? That is what this app is all about – a quality over quantity thing.